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Ring wearing guide: How to choose a suitable ring?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Rings have an unquestionable ability to bring out the best in your appearance when worn in the right way.

An ideal ring is one that slides over your fingers easily. Just the thought of a ring around your fingers shouldn’t make you feel tight. Taking a guess of your finger size is not going to help you to find the exact match. Here is how you can find the perfect ring that fits.

Gold Rings
Gold Rings by House of Dahab

Finger size There is no rocket size to get the right size, but there are some ways to help. The first and foremost formula for finding a perfect ring is length and width.

DIY - Measure it yourself

Yes, you can do it yourself. Get a piece of thin paper and wrap it around your ring finger. Keep it close to your knuckles as the ring has to slide over it. Remember not to keep it too tight, so you are able to shift the ring at ease. Find the spot where the ends overlap and mark this spot with a pencil. Measure this length with a ruler and use it against the size guide for your ring size.

You can also print out the ring size guide and cut out the sizer at its bottom. Make sure the guide is printed on the scale. You can do so by measuring the above diameter with a ruler. Now, make a slot with a pencil at the end of the size, and wrap it at the base of your ring finger. Then, slip the pointed end through the cut. Note down the number on the sizer.

Measure it professionally

Going for professional help is never a bad idea, specifically if it is for a special day. Some shops have standard sizes, while others use sizing rings to find out your perfect size Finger shape The ring you choose should compliment the shape of your fingers and hands. Certain designs tend to accentuate a particular aspect of the hand, so here is what you need to look for to find a perfect match

Long fingers vs short fingers

If you have long fingers, then go for wider bands and round cuts. However, if you have short fingers, then slender and narrow would suit your hand. You can use oval and rectangular stones to compliment it

Wide fingers vs slender fingers

For wide fingers, choose a ring that doesn’t show much of your skin. Oval and rectangular stones will enhance your look more. You can also experiment with angular and asymmetrical designs. Choose smaller stones and thicker bands when it comes to slender fingers.

Large hands vs small hands

With large hands, you have the room to be creative with large rings, bulky bands and chunky styles but if you have smaller hands, then stick to keeping things in proportion overall.

Still can’t find the perfect gold ring? Get in touch with us to find the right match for your finger.

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